The Spark in Review: December 28, 2018

The Spark in Review is our weekly wrap-up here at Allspark. This week has been consumed in holiday happenings and Bumblebee buzz for most of us, but here are a few things going on this week in Transformers, including new Flame Toys reveals and some of that Bee movie banter.
There haven’t been any big reveals for Siege or Studio Series, but a second round of reveals from Flame Toys, this time of prototypes and final figures supporting last week’s artwork spread, showed off all the Furai model kits so far together, including a faithful adaptation of IDW More than Meets the Eye Megatron. On the figures side, there are new looks at Star Saber / Victory Saber, The Fallen, IDW “Stealth Bomber” Megatron, and the teased IDW Optimus Prime.
Talking IDW, they’ve released publishing solicitations for March, including the recently announced Synergy collection.
We’re all still on about the Bumblebee movie. Entertainment Weekly produced a long article on the film including insights from Travis Knight and, if you haven’t seen it yet, spoilers. Meanwhile, we unboxed our #JOINTHEBUZZ promotional package.
And on smaller screens, Hasbro have released Cyberverse Episode 16, “The Extinction Event”, on YouTube, as the chapter builds toward its finale. In gaming, Earth Wars has rolled out event details for the weekend including information on the freshly introduced Goldfire and Ramjet.
That’s the week in brief, but as always, check out last week’s Spark in Review if you’re still catching up, or join us in the present on the Allspark Forums, our Discord server, or our Facebook page.