The Spark in Review: December 21, 2018

The Spark in Review is the week’s news at Allspark, all wrapped up tidy in a bow. This week, the newly G1-inspired Bumblebee Movie Optimus Prime was revealed in Studio Series form, IDW revealed their plans for their new Transformers universe based closely on the Generations toyline, and Astrotrain won himself a G1 reissue!
Toy News and Reveals:
New images from Gamer Party 2018 in Taiwan this week revealed Ultra Magnus in his naked glory and the structure of his armor, many views of his powered-up and car carrier forms, a similarly involved collection for Shockwave including his submarine mode upside-down, and a few new shots of Studio Series WWII Bumblebee and Bonecrusher besides. In the more immediate present, we released our galleries of Siege Megatron, Blowpipe, and the Decepticon Air Strike Patrol. And a brief restock this morning meant that a few more fans picked up the Siege Wave 1 Deluxes at an incredible price from HasbroToyShop, where some Micromasters and Battle Masters remain in stock with a promotional discount.
On the movie-verse side, still another Studio Series Optimus Prime surfaced, this time representing the character’s G1-inspired incarnation from the freshly released Bumblebee Movie and featuring a highly realistic cabover semi alternate mode. Meanwhile, comparison images surfaced for the first two Studio Series Voyager Optimus Prime figures based on his Revenge of the Fallen form.
Outside the main tracks, Flame Toys have released artwork and prototype images for a variety of future licensed figures and kits. Highlights include The Fallen based in his Dreamwave incarnation, what appears to be a tease of a G1 Jetpower Optimus Prime, and a fairly freely interpreted IDW Windblade.
Walmart’s G1 reissue line has also received a bit of news this week. First, the surprise poll conducted to decide which of four possible figures would be added to the unknown 2019 lineup ended in a win for Astrotrain. Second, photos surfaced of the line’s Optimus Prime reissue, possibly the most faithful to the original release but without a trailer or Roller drone, presumably for price or packaging concerns.
Comics, Games, and Media:
The biggest news from IDW this week was the reveal of their plan for the Transformers universe relaunch, a pre-war story that seems to hew very close to the toyline and past story treatments. We’ll have to wait and see what new twists the series might bring. For the recently concluded universe it follows, we launched a reading guide for the IDW Transformers sale on ComiXology, a sale ending tonight at 11 EST. And IDW and Hasbro seem to have granted that universe one more indirect nod within a project just announced. Synergy: A Hasbro Creators Showcase is a collection set to launch in March featuring new work from female creators at IDW, including some autobiographical reflection on the properties as well as new stories with IDW universe characters, including Windblade.
Outside Transformers, IDW have revealed their plan for the Sonic the Hedgehog Annual one-shot in March.
There’s a bit of film news this week – other than the release of the film today – in the form of a Travis Knight interview about the film. One interesting revelation was that he’d intended to include Megatron during a particular past battle on Cybertron, but decided that this would conflict too much with the established film universe continuity.
In cartoons, Cyberverse has launched Episode 15, “King of the Dinosaurs”, on YouTube, introducing the new dual-personality Grimlock to the present-day cast. In gaming, Earth Wars has released event details for the weekend along with new G1 Power Cores.
That’s all for this week’s news, but you can check out last week’s Spark in Review or come with us to the present on the Allspark Forums, our Discord server, or our Facebook page.