The Spark in Review: December 14, 2018

The Spark in Review is the week’s news at Allspark, reissued by popular demand. This week, Hasbro polled fans on who they’d like to see included in 2020’s G1 reissue lineup with one voting round still open, an unexpected Power of the Primes redeco was leaked as Siege Greenlight, and some lovely galleries launched for as-yet unavailable Studio Series Deluxes.

Toy News and Reveals:
An unexpected figure reveal came this week in the form of War for Cybertron: Siege Greenlight, accompanied by Battle Master Dazlestrike, presumably intended as Dazzlestrike. This marks the first reuse of a Prime Wars mold in War for Cybertron and also leaves only Lancer among the G1 female Autobots group without a recent update. Also on the subject of Siege, we released a quick gallery and impressions on the Deluxes Hound and Sideswipe.
In Studio Series, high quality in-hand images from NOTRAB have shown up for WWII Bumblebee, Barricade, and Sideswipe, and we’ve released our gallery for the KSI Sentry.
Hasbro also announced and conducted two separate rounds of voting for a 2020 G1 reissue, with the final round still open between Astrotrain and Skywarp. Meanwhile the presently available reissue Hot Rod is marked down to under half price on
Comics, Games, and Media:
IDW welcomed longtime editor in chief Chris Ryall back to the company as president, publisher, and chief creative officer, with the much-loved Transformers writer John Barber remaining in place as editor in chief as he has since Ryall’s exit. There’s still no word on the direction IDW’s Transformers comics will take from here under their guidance, but a sale at ComiXology makes it easier than ever to see where they’ve been, with most trades since All Hail Megatron listed at half price or less.
Cyberverse Episode 14, “Siloed”, has been released to the Hasbro YouTube channel.
In gaming news, the weekend’s event details and information on a new campaign have been released in Transformers: Earth Wars.
That’s the news at Allspark this week, but you can check out last week’s Spark in Review if you’re still catching up, or join us in the present on the Allspark Forums, our Discord server, or our Facebook page.