Studio Series gallery: KSI Sentry!

As the recent Studio Series reveals and upcoming releases suggest, the anniversary toyline celebrating live-action Movie franchise isn’t slowing down anytime soon. A striking lineup of all-new molds is due soon, and many a fan has a highly-anticipated favorite, whether it’s Dark of the Moon Sideswipe or Revenge of the Fallen Jetfire. But as with any Hasbro and TakaraTomy toyline, tooling is expensive, and all these new molds are made possible in part by redecos and retools. We’ve seen this done to great effect with the slew of Bumblebees set to promote the well-received Bumblebee movie, and we’re seeing it with new-character retools like Shadow Raider — and today’s gallery star, the KSI Sentry.

Just as with Shadow Raider, the KSI Sentry (#23) figure brings an onscreen character (also from Transformers: Age of Extinction) to the toyline for the first time ever. This necessitates some creativity on the company’s part, of course. Despite originally transforming into a Chevrolet Trax, the KSI Sentry sees toy form as a retool of Stinger (#02), with the sharp Pagani Huayra altmode in a handsome blue and black deco.
Stinger’s inventive transformation returns for this run — and in fact so does the four-part armature that used to hold Stinger’s buzzsaw shuriken weapons (which are no longer included). This copy had joints that were much tighter than Stinger, which is generally a welcome change except for when one joint is stiffer than another nearby one — resulting in posing being a bit more troublesome than expected. He also comes with the same “Hong Kong Pursuit” backdrop Stinger had, rather than something different like the KSI Warehouse interior or at least a different part of Hong Kong.

What is all new is great. Like Shadow Raider, KSI Sentry refreshes the mold not only with a dashing new color scheme, but with a new headsculpt and weapon. First, for some reason, the new color scheme allows the overall shapes of the robot mode body to gel better, from the hood shoulderpads to the limb proportions. Maybe it’s the distribution of colors, or maybe it’s how the shade of blue catches light better than Stinger’s somewhat waxy red. Next, the KSI Sentry headsculpt is quite characterful for one that uses a visor and faceplate, perhaps due to the generous light piping. Finally, the new claw/dual-prong weapon clips between the folded roof halves (the instructions are no help, so there’s a picture below to try and help you figure out how to clip yours in, should you need it) to enhance the claw shape they form. There’s a rectangular peg at the base that lets it plug in for vehicle mode, and a 5mm peg at the end that lets the KSI Sentry wield it as a handheld weapon. And sure, Stinger can borrow it — and look great doing so.

Stinger was a solid mold that brought one of Age of Extinction‘s coolest cars to the Generations-style movie line for the first time (the qualifier leaves out that One-Step-Changer). Seeing it again, in a sharp new color scheme, is pretty cool. Of course, your mileage (and interest in redecos/retools) may vary, but it’s hard to argue with how good these two look side by side.

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