Siege Megatron, Decepticon Air Strike Patrol, and Blowpipe Gallery and Review!

Destroying all Autobots today in the Allspark Studio is Decepticon founder and CEO, Siege Megatron!  Will he finally get peace through tyranny on the collectors’ shelf, or will he just settle down to nice friendly round of the Transformers TCG with his old frenemy Optimus Prime?  Tune in after the break to find out!

A reasonably priced, solidly slavish G1 Megatron with updated articulation is a longtime dream of the fandom.  Many of us have been begging for years to get one, only to have our dream crushed by…a lot of great Megatron figures that came just short of pulling all the stops.  Honestly, we have had it good…to the point that the posts begging for such an update to Megatron had “mostly” dissipated.  It wasn’t that people didn’t want a slavishly G1 Megatron, we were just getting so many great figures that it wasn’t as important as it used to be.  Add to the mix that there was no way we were going to get a Megatron with a gun mode, and the need to have a tank vehicle form, and, well…the expectation just wasn’t there.

Then we got the first pics of Siege Megatron, and suddenly (mostly) everything we wanted was just on the horizon.  Was it possible to get a good figure of the classic look for less than $230?  Let’s take a look and see what we got!
Tank Mode
Megatron’s Cybertronian tank mode is fairly standard, as tank modes go.  It’s a bit of the “h-tank” look, like Armada Megatron, but with a front piece to cover the robot head.  The outer part of the tank’s treads is completely covered, which looks cool, but is not practical for a vehicle meant to traverse the type of terrain for which a tank is normally built.  Perhaps the Cybertronians didn’t get the memo?  The turret, which is formed by Megatron’s arms and both of his weapons, turns with just enough clearance to not hit the edge of his shins, but the movement is a little less than smooth.

The details on this form are busier than what is displayed in his robot mode, but less so than say, what we have seen on the upcoming Ultra Magnus figure.  The parts that form the tank lock solidly, so no worries about a floppy tank mode.  The weathering that is tampoed on the tread covers mostly blends in and is non-distracting from the look of the figure.  Overall, it’s a good-looking tank.

Robot Mode
Siege Megatron has one of the best robot modes to date using this classic form.  He has articulation in the knees, lateral thigh movement, double rotary hips, waist articulation, double rotary shoulders, elbows with lateral movement, and a head with a ball-jointed neck with limited movement (it’s sad I expect this now).  His form is stockier than in the cartoon, but it does not limit his poseability too much.  This Megatron can get into lots of nice action stances and looks like a true emperor of destruction.  I cannot get over how…G1 he appears. This is the default Megatron in my Legends display from now on!

There are some neat things going on with Siege Megatron’s transformation as well.  During the process, the treads tab solidly in to the body, which may not be a big deal to many readers, but parts that don’t lock are the bane of my existence.  Additionally, the legs have panels that split, allowing for the knees, thighs and hips to fold and rotate around, and then closing over them in a way that hides how they got in that shape.  His transformation is fun, being just intricate enough to be engaging, without being frustrating.  That said, younger fans may need help with this figure.

This figure is GREAT…but far from perfect.  There are a couple of negatives, one is minor, and the others are significant.  The minor negative is that there is no lateral wrist movement.  I can’t say it is a huge deal, but it would have been nice to have.  The major negatives center around the neck and head.  As previously mentioned, the head is built on a limited ball joint neck.  This is really annoying since we have had figures with great neck articulation as far back Beast Wars.  The biggest grievance I have with this figure is the panel where the neck sits.  It is meant to collapse down in tank mode so that the head clears the ground, but there is nothing holding the panel up in robot mode.  You move it into place and let it hang there…until you move his head to pose and it dips down because, again, there is nothing to hold it in place.  That’s a big negative in my book.  Of course, I don’t play with my figures much (no offense to anyone that does, my time is not my own), so this won’t affect me as much as it will the children that get Megatron as a gift.  May one of them grow up to make a figure that surpasses even this version, with a solidly locking head mechanism. 😛

I give Siege Megatron an 8 world conquests out of 10!  I would have knocked him down further for the aforementioned neck/head issues, but he looks phenomenal, captures the classic Megatron look almost perfectly, and is a damn good figure in spite of a few short comings.  I may take some or all of the weathered/battle damaged tampoes off of mine, but even if I leave them, he will be the best G1 Megatron figure I own.  Siege figures are slowly making their way into online and brick and mortar stores.  Get a Megatron for yourself, and make sure a younger Transfan you know also gets this amazing figure.
When I saw the initial pictures of Blowpipe, I have to admit, I was a little disappointed.  We had just come off Takara releasing Targetmasters in Japan with a few more points of articulation, and I did not get why they made a new mold instead of using those already created.  I imagine it had to do with the cost of producing that mold at the right price point, or perhaps the parts being small enough to form a choking hazard.  At any rate, we are getting what we are getting, and honestly, this little guy is not half bad.  Blowpipe is a better Targetmaster than the ones that came with Legends Scoop a few years ago and having blast effects is a nice bonus.  I give him a 7/10.

Decepticon Air Strike Patrol
These figures really impressed me.  They are Mini-cons, but better.  They have good articulation for figures this small.  They have nice looking vehicle modes, and to top it off, they form a weapon that is just as convincing (or not) as the Armada/Energon Star Sabers, but it holds together much better.  I cannot wait to get more of these figures, because even though they do not peg onto the larger figures like Mini-cons, I feel a bit of double nostalgia, and I need more!

Megatron Gallery

Battlemaster Blowpipe

Micromaster Decepticon Air Strike Patrol