New Images of Walmart Reissue Optimus Prime

The Transformers Never Die Facebook page has shared out of the box photos of the upcoming reissue of G1 Optimus Prime, strongly suspected to be part of Walmart’s ongoing exclusive line of reissues. These images reveal what accessories come with this reissue, as well as a few unexpected quirks.

This reissue comes with few accessories. We’ll not count the fists as they’re rather essential to the look of Prime’s robot mode. That leaves both variants of Prime’s rifle, a sticker sheet, and instructions. While it would have been nice to see the Matrix accessory of 2002’s New Year Special Convoy reissue or the energon axe of 2003’s The Transformers Collection reissue, it must be noted that the slender rifle has rarely been reissued, and no reissue since New Year Convoy has included both in one package.

This reissue also has two evident mold quirks. First, this version has unmodified smokestacks, not seen on a Hasbro release since the 1993 Generation 2 toy. Secondly, the front axle does not appear to be elongated to quite the same extent as some other reissues. The longer version is associated with the Ultra Magnus version of the mold, but has popped up on Optimus Prime reissues before. Unseen in these images is whether this reissue will feature the original trailer hitch or the modified hitch of the Transformers Chronicle version.

Lastly we have comparisons with the new Siege Optimus Prime.
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