New Images Of SIEGE Ultra Magnus, Shockwave And More!

Coming Straight from this weekend’s Gamer Party 2018 event in Taiwan, via the Transformers Never Die Facebook group, are a selection of images for the eagerly awaited War for Cybertron Siege Leader Ultra Magnus and Shockwave, as well as a few Studio Series figures.

These new images, taken at the Gamer Party 2018 event, mostly focus on the War for Cybertron Siege Ultra Magnus and Shockwave figures. Showing of the lines upcoming leaders from every angle you could want. From their base robot modes, to their fully armoured robot modes and vehicle modes. However, their are also a small set of images the show of the Studio Series Deluxe WWII Bumblebee and Voyager Boncrusher (bet he hates all the attention). You can check out the images directly on TFNDs Facebook page. Or view our mirrored galleries below.
First up, the unflappable City Commander, Leader Class Ultra Magnus. With his RiD 2001 Ultra Magnus inspired alt mode, as well as a cab robot mode that, while it is still very much the same as SIEGE Optimus, is different enough so that it isn’t hyst a white decoed Optimus.

Next up, the logical mastermind himself, Leader Shockwave. With his classic G1 styled robot mode, space gun (i mean Submarine) mode, multi-limbed Super Mode armour/drone unit and their combined Cybertronian battleship mode. These pictures also show off just how big (or small) his in-hand form is in upside down Submarine mode.

Next, a small selection of images for Studio Series WWII Bumblebee and Bonecrusher.

And lastly, a group shot of all the above figures, plus a few bonuses.

So then, what do you think of these upcoming figures. Are you ready for a new Ultra Magnus? How does the new Shockwave measure up? Whatever your opinion, join the discussion in the War for Cybertron SIEGE thread on the Allspark forums right here. If you’re a new visitor, please consider making an account right here. Or, if you’d prefer, jump right into the livechat on our Discord Server and Facebook group.