Multiple Leaks Reveal Upcoming Transformers Studio Series SS-38 Optimus Prime (Bumblebee Movie) Figure!

Over the past several days, leaked images across various Facebook groups and websites, have revealed the existence of Transformers Studio Series SS-38 Optimus Prime, based on his appearance in the Bumblebee movie.

The first leak came via the Transformers Universe Thailand Facebook group. A shot of the instruction sheet for what seemed like an upcoming Transformers Studio Series SS-38 Optimus Prime, sporting a design based on his appearance in the Bumblebee movie.

Speculation at the time was that this figure could have a Cybertronian form, since Optimus Prime spends the majority of his screentime on their doomed home planet.
Next up, the Vector Sigma Facebook group (among others) revealed an image of what could be the actual figure.

It shows what appears to be a pretty faithful, fully painted (if possibly mistransformed) and very movie accurate potential test shot of the Optimus Prime figure.
Finally, website Baidu revealed the most compelling piece of evidence for this figure being real. The posted the back of what could be the figures packaging. This gives us a good look at the (correctly transformed) robot mode, that it will be a Voyager class figure, with 35 transformation steps, includes a backdrop featuring the San Francisco bridg and an finally, reveals that this figure features an 80s era Earth truck alternate, rather than the speculated Cybertronian form.

Thanks to multiple Allsparkers for breaking this ongoing news.
Well then, what do you think of these reveals. Are you excited for a Studio Series Optimus Prime from the new Bumblebee film? Are you interested despite it being the third main movie Prime in the line, or is this just another Prime to you? Whatever your opinion, join the discussion in our Transformers Studio Series thread on the Allspark forums right here. If you are a new visitor, please consider making an account right here. Or, if you’d prefer, jump right into the livechat on our Discord Server and Facebook group.