More Flame Toys Furai And Kuro Kara Kuri Reveals!

Via their Twitter account, Flame Toys has posted even more images showing off upcoming figures and prototypes for both their Furai Model Kit and Kuro Kara Kuri collectible lines. These include Skywarp, Thundercracker, IDW Optimus and Victory Leo.

Following up on their previous reveals of upcoming 2019 releases, via the Toysdaily forums. Flame Toys have posted a new set of images on their Twitter account, to reveal even more.
Here’s the rundown.
First, the Furai line:

  • Fully assembled and painted Skywarp (or Skywrap) and Thundercracker model kit reveals for their Studio Trigger inspired figures. These two are, naturally, redecos of their Starscream. Whether or not these new Seekers will come with any changes or new accessories to further differentiate them from their Air Commander is unclear for now.
  • This new image of their upcoming IDW Megatron shows that he will be coming with not only an extra part to allow for the option of either Autobot or Decepticon allegiance, but a second head as well.
  • A new image showing of Flame Toys current full lineup of Furai model,kits gives us a good look at how their Studio Trigger inspired Devastator model sizes up to the other heroes and villains. Unfortunately, he may not be quite as massive when compared to the others as some may have hoped for. Still, ol’Devy is one beefy, super roboty hunk of evil combiner badass!

Next, their Kuro Kara Kuri line:

  • More unpainted prototype shots of their IDW Stealth Bomber Megatron and Dreamwave inspired version of The Fallen.
  • An unpainted prototype of their IDW Optimus Prime. Though there is no sign of the teased Revenge of the Fallen Jetfire inspired Jetpower armour just yet, they do reveal an impressive arsenal of weaponry. Primes signature blaster, a giant battleaxe, twin Movie Prime inspired swords and a pair of smaller axes that seem to be inspired by the Transformers Animated incarnation of Optimus.
  • A new looked at the unpainted version of Victory Leo, a fully coloured Star Saber and their combined form: Victory Saber!

You can check out the new reveals on Flame Toys Twitter, or view our mirrored gallery below.

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