IDW Transformers to relaunch in 2019 with pre-war ongoing

IDW and Hasbro have unveiled their 2019 reboot of their main Transformers line: a bi-monthly comic series set before the Autobot/Decepticon war, with designs inspired by the “War for Cybertron: Siege” toyline.
Set to debut with two issues in March 2019, the new comic series – titled simply Transformers – is set to be written by Scottish fantasy novelist Brian Ruckley; art will be provided by Angel Hernandez, artist for IDW’s Star Trek/Green Lantern, and Ron Joseph, who has previously worked on IDW’s Transformers line in the pages of Revolutionaries.

Art by Gabriel Rodriguez.
Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Ruckley and Hasbro representative Michael Kelly discussed their excitement for the new series, and revealed that the comic would tell the story of the “mysterious death that ended an age of peace on the planet”. They also revealed that fan-favorite Autobot Bumblebee would be part of the main cast, while covers also showed off Prowl, Chromia and recent Transformers mainstay Windblade.

Art by Casey Coller.
While Windblade uses her “Titans Return” design, most of the characters shown sport simplified and streamlined version of their designs from the new “War for Cybertron: Siege” toyline, including vehicle-mode appearances from the Decepticons Starscream, Shockwave and Soundwave. Interestingly, Optimus isn’t based on his “Siege” Voyager class toy, but instead sports details on his arms and legs only seen on the inner robot of Leader-class Ultra Magnus. Is this our first look at a Leader-class “Siege” Optimus? Only time will tell!

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