Hidden Cybertronian Message Decoder launched on Transformers.com

Have you noticed any Cybertronian phrases hidden on the packaging of the new War for Cybertron: Siege figures? Well drop that decoder ring and spit out your Ovaltine, because Hasbro has launched a brand new message decoder on their website!
The decoder page (appropriately with “teletraan1” as the last part of the URL path), is currently accepting codes from the packaging, but seemingly every code yields a message stating the access date for the code content is January 3rd, 2019 complete with a  countdown clock.
These are the codes currently known from Wave 1 of the Deluxe and Voyager packaging that the code reader is acknowledging:
Sideswipe’s: “Sunstreaker”
Hound’s: “Maccadams”
Cog’s: “Fortress Maximus”
Skytread’s: “Duocon”
Optimus Prime’s: “Iacon”
Megatron’s: “Kaon”
What sort of content will be unveiled on January 3rd? New toy reveals? Designer notes? Interesting anecdotes about the characters? Who knows? We haven’t seen this sort of content from Hasbro since the Cyber Key Codes of the Cybertron line. Stay tuned for the reveal of this mystery content in the new year!
Until then, discuss the new Siege line with fellow fans in the Allspark Forums, the Allspark Discord server, or in the Allspark Facebook group!