G1 Reissue Poll Round 2 on Instagram!

Hasbro Pulse continues to put the power in the hands of the fans with the vote for one of the next entries in the Walmart G1 reissue line. The first round of voting has ended, and the next stage has been set. Read on to find out who has emerged from the skirmish!
The victor is none other than the spacebus himself, Astrotrain. As established in the initial announcement, Astrotrain will move on to the final round of voting with the winner from today’s poll.
With this second round, Hasbro pits Seeker against Seeker. Skywarp vs. Thundercracker. Who will emerge to challenge the spacefaring Triple Changer in the final round? Hop into Hasbro Pulse’s Instagram story as linked below and decide! Voting will require an Instragram account.
Join the poll discussion thread after you’re done, and then debate Skywarp’s worth as a character on our Discord server! You may also log onto our Facebook group and complain about the existence of too many social media platforms.

David S