Flame Toys Artwork, Renders and Prototypes For Upcoming 2019 Figures!

Thanks to the Toysdaily forums, we’ve got a collection of images and information about Flame Toys plan for their high-end collectible (Kuro Kara Kuri) and model kit (Furai) lines of officially licensed Transformers figures. Featuring Windblade, Rodimus and The Fallen!

Flame Toys, the company that has produced such non-transforming figures as the highly articulated, sharply painted Drift, Tarn and an upcoming IDW inspired Star Saber. As well as launching their model kit line with a bang, via a group of hot blooded, Studio Trigger inspired Autobots and Decepticons. Followed quickly by IDW comic accurate takes on Optimus Prime and Autobot Megatron.
Now, via the forums of Toysdaily, we have a collection of artwork, renders and grey prototypes, showing what we can expect from Flame Toys in 2019. Here’s the rundown.
For their high-end/high price Kuro Kara Kuri line:

  • The Fallen: Grey prototype of a very Dreamwave comics The War Within design. Including additional translucent flame effect parts to replicate his ‘always on fire!’ look.
  • Jetpower Optimus: A half-and-half sketch of IDW Optimus Prime wearing a silhouetted suit of battle armour that looks to take a lot of inspiration from the live action movies Jetfire/Prime combination.
  • IDW Rodimus: A black silhouette of Rodimus, sporting the Don Figueroa designed design he had during Mike Costas run on Transformers.
  • IDW Stealth Bomber Megatron: Grey prototype of Megatrons memorable Stealth Bomber body and another Don Figueroa design.

For their Furai Model Kit line:

  • Windblade: A very nice piece of artwork, showing off a stylized take on IDWs Camien Cityspeaker fembot.
  • IDW Drift: A grey prototype of the Decepticon-turned-Autobot swordsman. A model kit using the same design as Flame Toys very first release. Though this will be decidedly more affordable than the Kuro Kara Kuri release.
  • G1 Optimus Prime: Early coloured render of Optimus Primes original design.

Check out Toysdaily, or view the mirrored images rigt here.

Thanks to Allspark user Walky for breaking the news.
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