EWs Robot Roll-Call Spoilers For Transformers Bumblebee!

Entertainment Weekly has posted a very spoilery and fascinating article , along with a whole slew of hi-res images and Director Travis Knights thoughts and mindset behind the creation of the Cybertron based battle seen in the Transformers Bumblebee movie. Beware of spoilers ahead!

We all know that the new Bumbblebee movie is primarily the tale of a girl (Charlie Watson) and her transforming alien car (Bumblebee). However, we also know that there is a major battle sequence set entirely on the Transformers mechanical homeworld of Cybertron. EW has revealed a whole host of hi-res images from this battle scene, as well as Travis Knights discussing the ‘hows’ amd ‘whys’ of creating that battle and the characters featured in it.

I was a huge Transformers fan when i grew up. I’m a child of the ’80s, so having played with the toys, and watched the cartoons, and read the comics, it was an absolute dream come true to see the Cybertron of my imagination on screen for the first time.

To show the battle on Cybertron the way he felt it should be shown, Travis Knight went right back to the beginning of the original cartoon.

That was essentially how the cartton began, where we see the final moments of the fall of Cybertron, where the Autonots have to go off world to try and find a new home because they’re losing against the Decepticons.



If you’ve already seen the Bumblebee movie and don’t 3ant to be spoiled, stop reading now!

Several iconic Autobots appear during the Cybertron battle. I won’t spoil them all. However, three of note are.

That’s right. Autobot sharpshooter Arcee, the taciturn brawler Brawn and the hotheaded Cliffjumper. With the latter being (like most, but not all version of the character) a slightly redesigned (and red) version of Bumblebees CG design.
Although it is clear from this and other interviews that Travis wanted to use as many Autobots and Decepticons during the Cybertron battle as he could. Plot and, more importantly, budget, tied his hands. Meaning that each character would have to have a good reason to be there, as each had to be designed, rendered and animated seperately. All of which takes time and money
One iconic baddie that Travis Knight 3anted, was Soundwave. Who, as the trailers show, will be unleashed at least one of his minions, the silent predator Ravage, upon Optimus Prime.

If i could have had Laserbeak or Rumble or any of those other ones, i would have put them all in there.

And Knight had to really dig his heels in to keep Ravage in too.

I talked to my Visual Effects producer and he said, ‘Okay, we have to lose this…and this…oh, and they want us to lose the doggy.’ And i go ‘The doggy? What doggy?’ And he goes, ‘Well, Ravage.’ And i go, ‘They think Ravage is a doggy?’

The Decepticon side further helped Travis to fill the battle, while keeping the costs down.

As you can see, the cyclopian Shockwave is flanked by the Seekers.

We leaned heavily into the Seeker designs, because the seekers are basically the same silhouette with differet colors. And we did have some coneheads in there.

There was one exception to this rule though.

Starscreams in there. He’s got his own soecial build.

For all the spoilery images, check out Entertaint Weekly article right here.
Bumblebee is out in cinemas 5ight now.
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