The Spark in Review: November 30, 2018

The Spark in Review is a faithful tribute to the week’s news at Allspark – but wait, it was Starscream all along! While much of the week has been consumed with Cyber Monday deals, we have new images and information for Convoy 3.0, a James Roberts Q&A this evening, and a call for writers for the Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook Extended.

Toy News and Reveals:
The biggest toy news is undoubtedly the MP-44 Convoy / Optimus Prime 3.0 reveal – or possibly its price. Finally announced at $450 USD, the figure surprised both retailers and fans of the Masterpiece line, which has thus far topped out around $250 for the likes of Beast Wars Dinobot and the rather relevant MP-10 Convoy. Like Dinobot, the new Optimus comes accompanied by a bevy of accessories, from posable humans able to ride in his cabin to a flight stand to display him with his borrowed jet pack, and as previous photos had revealed, features a similarly complex transformation in which very little of the detailing from either mode is used in the other.
We’ve also launched our gallery for TakaraTomy’s gold-chromed Golden Lagoon Starscream, complete with all the comparison and combination photos one could hope for.
Outside Transformers, Good Smile Company’s Gridman figure has finally been shown in its vehicle combinations, along with a change to the set name.
 Comics, Games, and Media:
IDW have released their shipping list for December 5. Bigger IDW news comes in the form of a James Roberts Q&A this evening at 5:00-6:00 PM EST, discussing the More than Meets the Eye and Lost Light comics saga, so check out the stream if you have time, and you can expect a follow-up here after the event.
In TV and movies, there’s a small piece of news outside the Transformers space in that the rights limbo over the Neon Genesis Evangelion series has been resolved, and Netflix has acquired the rights to stream the series as well as the two movies associated with the original run.
In gaming, check out this week’s Earth Wars update for weekend event details and information about the new “Raid” game mode.
Fandom and Events:
The Sourcebook wants you! We’re gearing up for the third installment of the unofficial Allspark Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook Extended, and we’re looking for new writers to come claim a patch of this rich fictional landscape. Claim your characters, whether A-listers or minor appearances, and bring some new life to their stories.
Regular Items:
Check out last week’s Allspark Art Showcase for some classic robot design work by user Lisbon Virgo, and stick around for tomorrow’s edition. You can also thumb through last week’s Spark in Review if you’re still catching up, and as always, join us on the Allspark Forums, our Discord channel, and our Facebook group to keep up to date and share your thoughts on what’s new.