The Allspark Art Showcase of the Week for November 3rd, 2018

Good morning Allspark! This week’s Allspark Art Showcase features a custom by Allspark regular Walky and second sampling of Noideaforaname’s Halloween monster series. See the details to create your own Generations Rung and browse Noideaforaname’s full character cycle for the Halloween season.
First is a custom from the Power of the Primes Moonracer mold by Walky, including a commissioned 3D printed head by Trent Troop that you can now pick up yourself for your own custom. The apt likeness includes orange fists from a Novastar and a new paint job to seal a surprisingly close fit with the design of the Lost Light’s ship psychiatrist Rung from the IDW comics. Ornament mode is not depicted, but you can see more images in our Transformers pictures thread.

Meanwhile, Eric “Noideaforaname” Kowalick completed his latest monster character cycle in time for Halloween, and you can check out the full series in his thread in the Iacon Art Institute. Featured here is a hard-boiled morlock monster hunter who’s particularly skilled at hunting one of the most dangerous monsters of them all, and you can see his thread for the full details on this skilled hunter and his devious prey.

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