TF TCG Metroplex Deck Unboxing Video

It’s the middle of November, and we’re deep in the season of Fall! Titanfall in this case, because the Transformers TCG Metroplex Deck has finally dropped on US shelves. Coming with 40 battle cards, three character cards, and our first extra-large Titan character card, this set is ready to go against your friends’ constructed deck, or just bolster your existing collection.
To commemorate this occasion, we have for you an unboxing video on our YouTube channel looking into the contents of this pre-built deck.

For more details about the new and exclusive cards that this deck has to offer, check out our previous article here. The Metroplex Deck can be found at major United States retailers for 19.99 USD.

Once you’ve got your hands on the Metroplex Deck, give it some variety with cards from the booster packs, or introduce a friend to the game with the Autobot Starter Set! All featured products are currently available for residents of the United States, with varying levels of availability for everyone else on our big blue ball. For more information on the game, visit the official website.
Show off your new cards, salivate over someone else’s, or just have a good time over on the forums, the Discord server, and/or the Facebook group!

David S