Submissions wanted for the Allspark Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook Extended: Issue 3!

The IDW Transformers and Hasbro universe may have drawn to a close, but that just means it’s now in the hands of the fans to tell stories in this world. Now, the Allspark wants your help to tell the untold tales of these characters by contributing to the third issue of our Unofficial Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook Extended!
We’ve already released two issues of our community-created continuation to IDW’s “Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook” series, featuring subjects including the secrets of the Titan Master Cogman; the tragic tale of the well-intentioned Prysmosian tyrant Darkstorm; the Eukarian who would take on the name of “Thrust”; the history of England’s Action Man Programme; and what, exactly, Rumble and Frenzy got up to after breaking ties with Galvatron. But there are countless characters in this universe, and especially now that there’s no official fiction in the foreseeable future, we want to show our love for IDW’s stories by expanding on them and telling their tales. We need your help to do it, though – so sign up to the Allspark Forums if you haven’t already, and come and claim the characters you want in our Sourcebook discussion thread!