Star Trek vs. Transformers #2 Full Preview

Via Flickering Myth, we have the full five-page preview of the second issue of IDW Publishing’s crossover miniseries Star Trek vs. Transformers.

The Enterprise is burning, brought down by the united forces of the Klingons and Decepticons. Captain Kirk and Optimus Prime have a plan to strike back, but can they bring their scattered Starfleet crew and Autobots together before Megatron wipes them out? The no-holds-barred Saturday morning mash-up continues!
Star Trek vs. Transformers #2 is out on Wednesday, November 14th, priced $3.99.

Thanks to Allsparker Verity Carlo for the scoop. You can join the discussion in the Allspark Forums, the Allspark Discord server, or the Allspark Facebook group!


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