Second Glimpse at DOTM Megatron! TakaraTomy Studio Series Release Images

Loopaza Mega Store, ever reliable with early release information, has posted on Facebook thumbnail images of several Studio Series toys scheduled for release throughout 2019. Included here are figures SS-19 up to SS-33 in TakaraTomy’s numbering scheme (a different set of numbers from Hasbro Studio Series).

While we have recently seen most of the renders and product photography present in these images, there are two notable items that have yet to be officially announced: SS-27 Megatron represents the mad Decepticon Leader in his Dark of the Moon body (first glimpsed during booth setup at MCM London Comic-Con!), and SS-31 Optimus Prime is presented with an Evasion Optimus toy in silhouette.

previous post by Loopaza places SS-31 Optimus in the Voyager price point, eliminating Bumblebee Movie Legendary Optimus Prime from the pool of possible molds. Could it be the original Voyager from Age of Extinction? A new mold of the design? A different Optimus Prime entirely? We have but to wait and see.
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David S