Power of the Primes Wreck-Gar Purchased for $1.89!

Black Friday seems to be starting early. Allspark member SoS just purchased two Walgreens exclusive Power of the Primes Wreck-Gars in store for an astonishing $1.89 each, and we have the proof.

As you can see on the receipt, it’s not that the wrong item rang up. The item is listed as “HSBRO TRNSFRMR DLX WRKGR EXCL FGR”, with a sales price of $1.89 on top of a correctly scanned regular price of $18.99. Both Wreck-Gars rang up for the $1.89 sales price, for an impressive combined $34.20 in savings.
$1.89 is almost certainly a mistake. It looks like they simply misplaced a decimal point on the regular $18.99 price. Don’t call off your plans for a hunt, however. SoS reports that that the tag in the pegs had a price of $13, so it seems some discount was intended. It’s worth checking the nearest Walgreens to see if you can find Wreck-Gar for the intended sales price, and it’ll certainly be well worth it if the $1.89 error turns out to be widespread.
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