Peace through Megatron: Escapist Magazine feature on IDW’s atoning Decepticon leader

In the wake of IDW Publishing’s long-running Transformers continuity, longtime fans and new readers alike have had much to reflect on. For better or worse, IDW’s take on Generation 1 characters and concepts pushed Transformers fiction into heretofore-unseen territory.
Allsparker MrBlud has encountered and shared an article from Escapist Magazine, mulling over the heel-face turn that Decepticon leader Megatron underwent after 2014’s Dark Cybertron event. More than a one-shot Shocking Twist that gets undone at the first sign of trouble, this change of spark was explored by writer James Roberts in the second “season” of his More than Meets the Eye series, which saw Megatron maneuver himself onto the Lost Light as co-captain, evoking simmering animosity and grudging respect from various members of the quantum ship’s motley crew. Interestingly, the turn stuck, with Megatron’s Autobot affiliation remaining a core feature of the book until the Lost Light rebrand’s finale.
In the Escapist Magazine article, writer Anthony John Agnello reflects on the revolutionary leader’s rise against Functionalism and his turn to the side of the Autobots, his attempts to rise above what he was, whether he succeeds, and what it means if he does. If, like many of us, you’re basking in the afterglow of the twisting, turning playground that was the IDW G1 universe, this might make for an interesting read.
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