New Siege Toy Photos via Amazon Japan

Thanks to a tip-off from longtime friend of the Allspark Powered Convoy, we have a bevy of new photos of upcoming Siege toys from Amazon Japan, including an interesting look at some of their grey prototypes. Read on to check them out!

As is the new normal, these Takara releases will be functionally identical to their Hasbro counterparts, barring some stickers on the packaging. We’ve noted the Hasbro waves that these figures will debut in below in brackets.
After checking out the images, head over to the Siege thread on the Allspark Forums to discuss them with other fans! What are your thoughts on this toyline’s detail-heavy new aesthetic, and which of these figures can you see yourself picking up?
SG-15 Aimless (Battle Masters wave 2)

SG-16 Soundwave Spy Patrol (Micromasters wave 2)

SG-17 Ironhide (Deluxe Class wave 2)

SG-18 Six-Gun (Deluxe Class wave 2)

SG-19 Starscream (Voyager Class wave 2)