New Bumblebee Movie trailer… in Play-Doh! Update: Now Includes Behind-the-Scenes Video!

Right as we’re counting our blessings — or getting ready to put up our best Black Friday fight — a new trailer for the hotly-anticipated Bumblebee movie has dropped! Except this trailer is literally unlike anything we’ve seen before for Travis Knight’s inaugural addition to the Transformers film franchise. Yup, this takes this film’s “soft Bumblebee” to a whole new level, because it’s a trailer made entirely out of Play-Doh!

The Play-Doh Show’s Bumblebee movie trailer is also available on the Play-Doh Instagram page, and their Facebook page as well.
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Update: the Play-Doh YouTube channel has now released this behind-the-scenes video illustrating the stop-motion animation process, scene composition, and practical effects magic behind the trailer and just how the sequence was constructed, frame by frame and clump by clump.