Interview with Unicron cover artist John Paras

Exclusive to the Allspark, we have an interview with John Paul Paras, artist for the retailer exclusive covers for Transformers: Unicron #6. Click through to read it! Interview conducted by Allspark staff extraordinaire Caboo!

Hello! Thanks for giving us an interview here at the Allspark. What brings you by our snazzy little Transformers board?

Here to promote my 1st official Transformers Cover Art to “Transformers Unicron” Issue 6 Retailer Exclusive. It’s actually my 1st official Transformers anything that’s being released. And I’m very proud to involved in this historical issue.

Let’s start at the beginning, were you into Transformers as a kid?

I was a crazy super fan when I was a kid. I couldn’t wait to wake up my Mom and Brother on Saturday mornings just so we could watch Transformers the cartoon as a family. Was truly an exciting time in the 1980’s.

Do you work as a freelance artist? Tell us a bit about your career or a ‘regular day’ in your field.

I try to make sure I handle my deadlines but also try to continue to learn on a daily basis and try new things. So when I have projects due I try to incorporate a few new elements to continue to expand my experience in different styles and approaches.

What are some other works you’ve been involved in?

Yes, I have published covers for “Dead Pooh”, “Do You Pooh”, “The Poohnisher”, “Savage Eve”, “Transformers Unicron” and am working on titles such “Rick and Morty” , “TMNT” and other titles that will hopefully have a 2019 release.

Were you a fan of IDW’s Transformers before or is this your first experience with it?

Yes I am amazed how they’ve been able to expand on the history of my beloved Transformers. The Transformers franchise is in great hands with IDW

How’d you get a shot at a cover of the penultimate issue of the first IDW Transformers universe?

Being a super fan, I knew I had to get involved in this historical issue. I used my contacts in comics to pull a few favors. This was definitely a passion project for me. I’m so thankful that IDW allowed me to be apart of this and always will.

Who came up with the cover concept? What lead to referencing an Infinity Gauntlet cover?

I came up with the concept cover. I wanted to show Unicron that although he is huge in comparison to other beings, he is very small in comparison to that of outer space. Yet he is confident none the less on taking on anything on along the way. And George Perez’s rendition of Thanos on the cover of Infinity Gauntlet 4 does that perfectly.

How’d you approach creating this cover?

This was a very special cover to me. Being a fan since I was a kid, I wanted to make sure I got it right. At conventions I’ve had people come up and thank me for putting Unicron in the spotlight. I respond kindly that it’s IDW doing and I’m just a passenger in their vision. Either it feels good to have fans appreciate the Art.

Where can we find more of your work? Anything we should look forward to from you in the future, IDW or otherwise?

I recently just started a fan page at and on Instagram you can follow me at @johnpaulgeorgemcfly . Yes I’ve been working on quite a few titles that should have a 2019 release.

Would you want to do more work under IDW? What was it like doing a cover for them? Did you get to meet anyone cool?

I would love to do more work with IDW. They have many franchises that I grew up with such as G.I. Joe and TMNT. I met a ton of cool people! Mainly the fans that share the love of Transformers like me.

Thanks again for talking with us. Any final words before you go?

I’m thankful for you guys taking the time and interviewing me. It’s very nice to meet anyone and everyone that’s involved in anyway to Transformers. You can feel the love for the franchise in your Board. Thank you once again. And everyone go check out my cover to Transformers Unicron Issue 6 – you can get it here. I promise you it was made from a True Transformers fan, just like you.

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