Heed The Call! TF TCG Metroplex Deck Exclusive Cards Revealed

With the hot new Metroplex Deck due to come out very soon, the official Facebook page for the Transformers Trading Card Game has been updated with a gallery of the deck’s seven exclusive cards!
This batch of images gives us our first look at a mechanic for deploying additional character cards from a bigger bot — a possible hint at what to look forward to for the next set’s Decepticons!

Metroplex // Autobot City is the game’s first Titan, an imposing card sized at 143 x 200mm, or 5.63 x 7.88″. Metroplex maxes out the game’s 25-star character limit, but he isn’t alone: his alt mode effect allows him to bring three specific standard-sized character cards to the battle.

Scamper // City Patrol, Six-Gun // Heavy Weapons Expert, and Slammer // Combat Drone accompany the mighty Autobot city, with all-new art for the TCG. Of note is Slammer, who does not transform. Does his existence open the door for more single-mode characters?

Finally, we have our three exclusive battle cards: action cards Height Advantage and Rally The City, and the special utility Protected By Metroplex The set’s 40-card battle deck will come with three copies of each of these, allowing players to maximize on the cards’ potential without requiring extra copies of the Metroplex Deck.
The Transformers TCG is available now through booster packs and the Autobot Starter Set. The Metroplex Deck is scheduled to release on November 16.
Have you placed an order with your local games store yet? Scrambling to make space for this city? Tell us all about it in the Transformers TCG thread, or hit up our Discord server’s gaming channel!

David S