Hasbro Overwatch news roundup: Ultimates, Nerf guns

Hasbro’s plate keeps getting larger as they expand aggressively beyond their own still-strong Transformers brand. They’ve spent the last several years bringing forward fan-favorite Marvel characters, exploring the reaches of a galaxy far, far away with Star Wars, and they’ve recently acquired the whole Power Rangers property, which will make for an exciting Hasbro toy slate for the coming years.
In May, news broke that Hasbro had acquired the master license for Blizzard’s popular Overwatch video game, and at Blizzcon 2018 the first items coming from that license were revealed.
As announced at the con and on social media by Hasbro themselves, the Ultimates Series will feature the game’s characters in articulated six-inch action figure form. First up is a two-pack due April 22, 2019, with the first figure of the pair being angelic healer Mercy!

Hasbro’s long-running roleplay weapon toyline Nerf has also gotten in on the Overwatch action, converting the game’s intense shoot-em-up shenanigans into handheld run-and-gun fun. Revealed earlier in the year were Nerf Rivals editions of D’Va’s light gun and Reaper’s shotgun.
The BlizzCon reveals include a Nerf Rivals version of McCree’s pistol, which comes complete with a roleplay badge. McCree’s weapon will debut exclusively at Gamestop in the US on January 1, 2019, and will head to other retailers in April. Joining the Micro Shots series are one-shot weapons for Torbjorn, Tracer, and D.Va; if D.Va’s Rivals series weapon is any indication, being in Micro Shots doesn’t preclude a bigger gun for the others down the line.
By now, the game’s characters are already well-represented in the upcoming Nerf lineup, from the guns-akimbo ghost Reaper, to high-noon gunslinger McCree, to ingenious gunsmith Torbjorn, to quick-draw speedster Tracer, to Little Miss “Nerf This” herself, D.Va (who fittingly has not one, but two guns in the line)!

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