Flame Toys Reveals Full Color Images of Furai Model Kit IDW Megatron!

Via their Twitter account, Flame Toys have revealed the first full color images of their upcoming IDW Megatron Furai model kit. These new images show off the repentent tyrant and Co-Captain of the Lost Light himself in all his beefy, angular glory!

Though the Furai model kit line initially started with the more stylized, TRIGGER designed takes on the Transformers, Flame Toys quickly that there was more, with reveals of IDW Optimus Prime and Megatron. Now, the former freedom fighter turned tyrant turned repentent hero is revealed in full color and (to the delight of Lost Light fans) bearing an Autobot insignia!
Check,out Flame Toys original tweet below.

Then check out our mirrored images below.

Thanks to our own resident IDW themed Furai model kit, Allsparker Powered Convoy, for breaking the news.
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