eBay Toy Catalog Includes Set of Authentic MISB G1 Transformers

Ready or not, the holidays are coming, and that means holiday shopping needs to get done one way or another! And if you’ve got a Transformers fan in your life who you just don’t know what to get, eBay might just have something for them… provided you’ve got the cash of course!
Taking center stage on the catalog’s first page, eBay is going to be offering a set of 25 vintage, authenticated, MISB Transformers figures valued at… drum role please… $100,000 dollars! Quite a pretty penny, obviously. While it doesn’t list what specific figures will be included in the auction, the photos they’re using to promote their listing include the colossal Trypticon, an Aerialbots/Superion giftset, classics like Perceptor and Sludge, and even items from later in G1’s lifespan, like the six changer Quickswitch. Also based on these pictures, the toys all come inside display cases with a certificate displaying their CGA grading. As you might hope, none of those shown have a grade lower than an 8.0.

Other vintage big ticket items in eBay’s toy book include a 1979 Kenner Boba Fett ($10,99.99), a mint condition 1960s redheaded Barbie (A steal compared to some other items at $250), a Magic: The Gathering Alpha Black Lotus ($100,000, graded 9.5),  and Charizard and Blastoise Pokemon cards ($32,999.99 and 9,999.99 respectively). Of course, the catalog also has plenty of more modern, affordably priced toys as well.
You can peruse eBay’s catalog here, or find the Transformers auction when it begins on November 20th here.
If you’ve got the luck and cash to win the auction, you can flaunt it in everyone’s faces over on the Allspark forums, Discord server, or Facebook group! (and hey man, why don’t you kick some of that cash over our way i mean its the least you could do since we told you about it and all)