Dengeki Hobby Shows Stock Photos For Upcoming Takara Tomy Studio Series Figures

Fresh from Dengeki Hobby, come a slew of new stock photos for upcoming figures in Takara Tomy’s take on Transformers Studio Series. WWII Bumblebee (The Last Knight), Sideswipe (Dark of the Moon), Barricade (Transformers) and Crankcase.

These new stock photos give us some nice, detailed views of the upcoming figures decos, accessories and poseability. From WWII Bumblebee, with his hammer and blaster, as seen during The Last Knights flashback scene of Bees exploits during World War 2. To Sideswipe, sporting his sleek, convertible Corvette Stingray alt mode from Dark of the Moon, plus his signature twin blades and blasters. To Barricade, whose Transformers (2007) based design looks like it takes more than a few cues from the bad cops recent Movie Masterpiece figure. To Crankcase, who is simply a redeco (if a nice one) of the previously released Crowbar figure. You can check out the pics on Dengeki Hibbys site here, or view them in our gallery below.

Thanks to our own upcoming Studio Series release, Allsparker Powered Convoy, for breaking the news.
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