BBC Publishes Article Commemorating the End of Transformers: Lost Light

As the IDW Universe comes to an end, so to do the runs started by James Roberts and John Barber all the way back in 2012. While Barber still has one issue left to serve as the coda to his run and the universe in general, the More Than Meets the Eye/Lost Light saga from British writer James Roberts wrapped up last week with Lost Light‘s 25th issue. And now, his native land’s Broadcasting Corporation has written an article celebrating his milestone run!
The article written by Richard Irvine-Brown not only celebrates Roberts’ book for it’s accomplishments in raising the bar for storytelling in the Transformers brand, but also for the profound effect it’s had on the fandom. Through interviews with creators and fans, recent converts and long-timers alike, the article examines how MTMTE and LL brought a whole new audience to the long-running brand by appealing to female and LGBTQ readers in a way no other Transformers story had before. Also included are several pieces of fan art and photos showing Roberts interacting with fans at this year’s TFNation convention.

“Transformers started out as a boy’s toy. The robot characters, which could be quickly reconfigured into guns and cars – tapped into the young male zeitgeist of 1984
Those children have grown into today’s adult collectors. But thanks to a cult comic, the franchise’s male-dominated audience has crossed the gender divide.”
-The article’s opening lines, originally written by Richard Irvine-Brown and published by the BBC.

You can find the BBC’s article here. And if you’re curious to see the Allspark staff’s take on the conclusion of Lost Light, you can find our impressions here.
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