Allspark Art Showcase of the Week for November 17th 2018

Good morning Allspark! It’s Saturday, and time for another entry in the weekly Allspark Art Showcase. This week, we’re breaking our usual weekly focus and  jumping back into the long lost epoch known to history as “October”, to share a prehistoric-themed beauty we’d overlooked.
Another piece by master of mini Dave Van Domelen / Dvandom, this Age of Extinction Scorn transforms a monochromatic Tiny Turbo Changers figure to replicate the colors of Scorn’s larger (and rather well received) toy renditions. Dvandom dyed the base figure in Scorn’s usual punchy fire engine red, then brought out some detailing in all of the Bay movie monster’s little pointy bits and his insignia.

It’s not the first custom we’ve seen of a Tiny Turbo Changers figure that has managed to bring out the hidden magic of one of the little lineup’s seemingly rather unimpressive sculpts. If you’re interested in chasing down some Tiny Turbo Changers for a project yourself or have other dyeing adventures of your own to embark on, check out the details of this one and ask for tips and tricks in Dvandom’s thread on the figure.
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