The Allspark Art Showcase of the Week for October 20th, 2018

Good morning Allspark! The Allspark Art Showcase is back after a short break with an eclectic arrangement of three recent pieces from the last three weeks in the Iacon Art Institute, including artists you’ve seen before here and one you haven’t, Transformers and otherwise, 2D art and miniatures!
First up is Dave Van Domelen’s finish and paint work on Trent Troop’s Prize Inside Browning decoy. (We’ve featured work from Dvandom before, including his Power of the Primes Garnet.) The figure is Titan Master scale, which makes those crisp little details very impressive. And it’s always nice to see the tiny Megatron look-alike from Masterforce get a bit of love. Check out Dvandom’s thread to discuss the figurine!

Next is Eric Kowalick’s Cenobite. Noideaforaname is no newcomer to the Art Showcase, and we’ve featured his past Halloween-inspired series before. This unsettling creature, Noid explains, is a sadistic writer of ghastly horror fiction, and the opening entry of a round of monster designs he’ll be posting in the lead-up to Halloween. See his thread for the full details and to check for the latest addition!

Finally, our first featured piece from long-time user Pennpenn, who just discovered the Iacon Art Institute in time to share a lovely custom warband for Warhammer Underworlds. His full set reimagines the roles of the Garrek’s Reavers berserkers from the Shadespire set as an all-female band of fighters built from the Daughters of Khaine miniatures. If that’s a mouthful of capitalized words, Pennpenn’s set more importantly features fine detail work including subtle textures and shading and a striking palette on a very dynamic set of miniatures. See the full team and discuss the work in Pennpenn’s thread!

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