Takara Studio Series Listings for January to April 2019

Via the Facebook page of the Hong Kong-based Loopaza Mega Store, we now have a massive list of Studio Series figures scheduled for release by TakaraTomy from January to April 2019.

Some of these figures are not surprises. SS-19 to SS-23 were revealed over a month ago at Fan Expo Canada 2018 under the Hasbro ID numbers 26 to 30 while some others were revealed by Hasbro-based listings on Amazon Australia. Meanwhile, Masterpiece Movie Series MPM-8, whose character has yet to be identified, was listed on BBTS earlier this week. Interestingly, MPM-8 is listed for the price of 8500 JPY (~75 USD), in contrast to BBTS’s listed price of 190 USD.
Most curious is the placeholder listing of SS-29 “Character B”, which may be a figure tying into the upcoming Bumblebee movie, kept secret for the time being. The price of 2800 JPY (~25 USD) matches that of other Deluxe Class figures.
TakaraTomy listings via Loopaza previously utilized “Character A” and “Character B” as placeholders for Shadow Raider and KSI Sentry earlier this year.


Thanks to Allsparker Triblurr for the scoop. You can join the Studio Series discussion in the Allspark Forums, the Allspark Discord server, or the Allspark Facebook group!


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