Studio Series Jetfire and DOTM Megatron revealed at London MCM

From Hasbro’s booth at London’s MCM Comic Con, the first pictures have surfaced of the Transformers: Studio Series Dark of the Moon Megatron and Revenge of the Fallen Jetfire!

Via PrimeVsPrime on Instagram, we have the first glimpse at these new toys of the movie series characters. Megatron sports a real cloth cloak based on the tarpaulin he wore in the movie, while Jetfire comes with an axe and cane – though it’s not clear yet whether he’ll be able to combine with Studio Series Optimus Prime, as he did in the film.

Thanks to our resident Skywarp enthusiast Powered Convoy for providing a source on this image. You can discuss the news in the Studio Series thread on our forums, or join the conversation in our Discord server!