Studio Series Dropkick and KSI Sentry listed on Amazon

The two latest toys in the Studio Series line, including one for one of the antagonists for the up and coming Bumblebee movie, are on the horizon!
Appearing on Amazon today are listings for the KSI Sentry, a blue redeco of the already released Age of Extinction Stinger figure that also features a new head and Dropkick, the Justin Theroux voiced antagonist from this holiday season’s Bumblebee movie. If you hadn’t already heard, this Dropkick only Transforms into a helicopter, rather than also having a third car mode as he appears to have in the film.
The KSI Sentry shows a price of $18.94 and is listed as being temporarily out of stock, meaning Amazon will still let you place an order on it but doesn’t know when they’ll be getting more in stock. Dropkick, on the other hand, is simply listed as “unavailable” with the only option currently available being asking for an email notifying you when he becomes available.
You can find the listing for the KSI Sentry here and the listing for Dropkick here.
Once you get your preorders in (or request for a notification that you have your chance to get your preorder in), head on over to the Allspark forums, Discord, or Facebook group and share your excitement at these new, blue toys!