STUDIO SERIES DEVASTATOR prototype spotted at London MCM Comic Con

Via an anonymous source, the Allspark has what appear to be images of a prototype of a Studio Series toy of Revenge of the Fallen Devastator. Click through to see more!
Taken through an open backstage door at London MCM Comic Con, this image provides the greatest evidence yet that the Studio Series Constructicons will be able to combine into the massive Devastator.

Though the image is blurry, the enormous silhouette and what details can be seen clearly peg this as the massive brute from ROTF‘s final act. With not much longer to go before the MCM Transformers panel, will we be seeing more then? We hope so!

Excited for one of the biggest threats in the movie universe to finally get a properly-sized toy release? Have your say in our Studio Series thread, or on our Discord server!