Siege: The Decepticons are Coming!

Instruments of destruction — tools of foul play!
NYCC is now in full swing, and with it come the reveals. has put up a gallery of renders for the Decepticons in the War for Cybertron: Siege toyline!
They’ve been teased by appearing in posters — foreground and background — and in mysterious computer listings, but now it can be told. Hasbro’s gone full-on “bring on the bad guys” for this batch, it seems, and the War for Cybertron is on with that heady G1 flavor.
Megatron is a Voyager figure that turns into a Cybertronic tank, and comes with a sword that you might recognize from the earliest Megatron figure ever.
Shockwave looks to turn into a mobile laser emplacement similar to his CW Legends class figure, while Soundwave has an all-new altmode.
As noted by the design team in an interview around SDCC, the Seekers will take on their Cybertronic “tetrajet” altmodes for the series, as we can see in Voyager Starscream.
Finally, the first-ever modern mass-market Reflector will join the ‘con cast, except under the trademark-friendly name “Refraktor”. If you want to form his classic camera mode, of course, you’ll need to buy three of this Deluxe figure. Here’s hoping Hasbro knows to pack him case-heavy!

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