Siege Micro Master Packaging Revealed

Via the UK distributor NDA Toys, we now know what the toy packaging will look like for the Micro Master two-packs in the upcoming War for Cybertron: Siege toyline.

These package images reveal the finalized names for the first wave of Siege Micro Masters. As it turns out, Hasbro’s presentation at SDCC 2018 evidently used the non-final names “Bigshot and Flask” for the Battle Patrol and “Road Handler and Swindler” for the Race Car Patrol, but in accord with Loopaza’s TakaraTomy listings for March 2019, the final names are “Topshot and Flak” and “Roadhandler and Swindler”, with only G1 Big Shot’s classic name being changed. Meanwhile, Air Strike Patrol member Storm Cloud gets to keep his classic name while his partner Whisper has been changed to “Visper”, presumably for trademark reasons.

Thanks to ever-diligent Internet researcher and Allsparker Nevermore for the scoop.
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