Official renders: Hasbro reveals Siege Prowl, Pteraxadon, and Six-Gun at Lucca Comics and Games event!

Apparently Hasbro’s jetsetting reveal extravaganza isn’t done yet, as after showing off new Studio Series and BotBots at Paris and London conventions over the weekend, they’re showing Siege some (more) love!
Hasbro was at the Lucca Comics and Games 2018 event in Italy, and they brought some friends. As if we weren’t fired up enough for this line, three Autobots join the War for Cybertron as Prowl, Sixgun, and new Battle Master Pteraxadon are unveiled for Wave 2. As seen in these official images from Hasbro, the new arrivals seem to follow the style set by their wave 1 cohorts.
Prowl seems to be a sleek Cybertronian version of the classic Earth cop car, with a stocky robot mode that looks as G1 show-model-inspired as those of Sideswipe and Ironhide.

Pteraxadon shows us where the name came from, as a pteranodon turning into an axe for the bigger figures to wield. (Also, as he follows wave 1’s Lionizer, could his blue/silver/green color scheme be intended to evoke another Action Master partner?).

Finally, Sixgun seems to turn into a heavily armed Cybertronian tank, and appears to share a robot mode with Cog, whom we’ve also already seen. Metroplex finally gets a new buddy — one hopes Slammer isn’t far behind.

Hasbro’s raised the stakes with this bunch, and who knows what more may follow. Do you want to start a war? Join the Siege discussion on the Allspark Discord server, on the Allspark Forums, and on the Allspark Facebook group!