NYCC 2018 Official Images of War For Cybertron: Siege and Red Alert Revealed!

First day of New York Comic Con 2018 has passed, and boy did Hasbro hit the ground running today. Fans finally got a look at the Decepticons for the upcoming first chapter of the War for Cybertron TrilogySiege.

Check out the stock images of all the Decepticons revealed today: Megatron, Soundwave and his partners: Ravage and Laserbeak, Starscream, Skytread (a Duocon Flywheels to go with Battletrap!), Blowpipe, Aimless, Refraktor (Reflector), Brunt, Micromaster Airstrike Patrol, and last but not least, Shockwave, whose armored version is very reminiscent of Transtech Shockwave design!

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