New York Comic Con: More Siege (Laserbeak, Brunt, Micromaster jets, and Skytread!)

Hot on the heels of render reveals, Radio Free Cybertron has posted photos from a Siege: War for Cybertron display showing the upcoming figures in the fle– well, in the plastic. Size comparisons, shots in various modes from various angles, and even a surprise Duocon debut!
The various photos show how tall Voyager Megatron will be next to Siege Optimus. There’s also shots of Brunt, a Deluxe who splits up into weapons and armor like Cog. Also, we get to see Soundwave with his little buddy Laserbeak, and a black and silver cassette who might be Ravage. We even see Decepticon Micromasters (the Air Strike Patrol), whose combined weapon mode is reminiscent of the Armada Air Defense Team’s Star Saber. But the surprise of the moment is Deluxe Skytread (Flywheels), who’s showing up to give your POTP Battletrap someone to hang out with!

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