New Official Studio Series Images From Paris Comic Con!

After this morning’s reveal of the brand new Studio Series Jetfire at London’s MCM Comic Con, we have also have an official image of Jetfire from another European Comic Con! Plus, there are two more Studio Series reveals as well, including one who gives Jetfire an exciting extra feature!

Originally posted on the Hasbro Pulse Instagram and later reposted onto their Twitter, Hasbro treated Parisian Comic Con goers not just to official Jetfire images as well as the reveal of the long rumored Studio Series Voyager Class Bonecrusher, plus a brand new Studio Series Voyager Optimus Prime!

A completely separate mold from the Voyager Studio Series Optimus released in the line’s first wave, this new Prime not only features a more film accurate sculpt but is also able to combine with Studio Series Jetfire! Hasbro has yet to release official images of this feature yet, but their combinability was mentioned by Hasbro during their panel at the con and shown off live on stage! The below post from the unofficial Transformers Universe Thailand Facebook page shows a picture of the combined Jetpower Prime from the Paris Comic Con Panel.

Excited about these new Studio Series toys? Well, do like Optimus did at the end of Revenge of the Fallen and strap pieces of a dead guy’s corpse to yourself and fly over to either the Allspark Forum’s Studio Series discussion thread, the Allspark Discord Server, or the Allspark Facebook Group and share your thoughts!