New, In-Hand Pics of Takara BB-02 Legendary Optimus Prime!

As the premiere date for the Bumblebee movie draws closer and closer (less than two months left to go!), one of the most exciting items of the film’s toyline has finally gotten into the hands of a Taiwanese toy blogger, and they have plenty of pictures to share!
Originally posted by “Blacklai’s Toybase“, a blog based out of Taiwan, these pictures of the TakaraTomy-exclusive “Legendary Optimus Prime” go into lots of detail, showing his robot and vehicle modes from a variety of angles. Blacklai also has a detailed comparison of the new Legendary mold with 2014’s Evasion Mode Optimus Prime from the Age of Extinction line, showing all sorts of little variations in these two interpretations of a similar design. Also included are several, less in-depth comparisons of Legendary Optimus with MPM-7 Bumblebee and MP-10 Optimus Prime.

(Credit: Blacklai’s Toybase)
As mentioned above, the design of the Legendary Optimus Prime toy draws heavily from Prime’s “Evasion mode” from the 2014 film Age of Extinction. As implied by the name, this design was sported by Optimus while he was trying to maintain a lower profile on Earth. Ironically, he does so by changing from movieverse Prime’s usual long-nose semi truck alternate mode to a cab-over-engine truck made iconic by the original G1 Optimus! The movie downplayed the homage slightly, making Evasion Prime’s robot mode more or less the same as his usual one and going for a more muted, “realistic” color scheme. While the robot mode design is broadly similar, Legendary Optimus Prime opts for far brighter, glossy colors that really make the design pop and help make the homage even clearer!
As evidenced by the film’s most recent trailer, the Bumblebee movie seems to have taken Prime’s design in an even more G1 influenced direction, more or less completely dropping any influence from the original live action movie design. Given that Legendary Optimus Prime is a completely brand new, Leader Class mold separate from the 2014 Voyager Class Evasion Mode Prime, it seems slightly odd that it hews so closely to the older design. Still, the intent of the toy is clear, and based of these new picture it seems to offer plenty of value to Transformers collectors regardless of movie accuracy! Worth noting, though, is that Legendary Optimus seems to be a TakaraTomy original, with no current plans announced for a western release. Site sponsor TFSource does currently have him available for pre-order, however!
You can check out the rest of BlackLai’s pics of Legendary Optimus Prime over on their blog. And once you do, head on over to the Allspark Forums, Discord server, or Facebook group and share your thoughts on them!