Mystery Generations Character Art Found on South African Toy Site

Via the website South African toy retailer Toy Adventures, we have found a never before seen piece of character art for the Generations line, depicting a seemingly brand new character!
Seen in an icon and a banner the retailer associated with the Transformers Generations line (the overall brand the Prime Wars Trilogy and upcoming War for Cybertron Trilogy are released under), the mysterious red, blue, and white bot doesn’t seem to immediately be based off of any preexisting G1 character. Given the Generations line’s increased trading in doing a lot of remakes of 1984-86 characters, a new (or at least extremely obscure) character is a notable change in pace! You can take a look at this bot in the links above or continue reading to see our rehosted images below.
What seems slightly odd about this art is that, stylistically, it seems more in line with the art seen in promotional images and box art for the Prime Wars trilogy line, rather than the grittier art we’ve seen for War for Cybertron so far. With Prime Wars’ final chapter, Power of the Primes, now all but sunset, it would seem odd for a character from War for Cybertron: Siege to have art so out of sync with the rest of the line. Whether they’re a transplant from one line to the other is anyone’s guess!
Thanks to Nevermore on the Allspark forums for bringing this to our attention!
Continue reading below to see the two images for yourself. And once you do, head over to the Allspark forums, Discord server, or Facebook group to share your theories on this bot’s identity!