MCM London: Studio Series Display Case Reveals

Via Transformers fan Rotorstorm come photos from London’s MCM Comic-Con, where Hasbro have this morning put out several brand-new Studio Series figures in their display case, including Bumblebee villain Shatter and several Constructicons! Read on to check out the pictures.

The new reveals include Revenge of the Fallen Constructicons Long Haul, Rampage, and also Scrapmetal, perhaps better known as “ze little one.” On screen, the hapless trooper used Scrapper’s robot mode design, despite transforming into an excavator rather than a front-end loader. This new toy is instead based on an earlier piece of Constructicon concept art for an excavator robot.

Joining them are two figures from more recent films: a redeco of The Last Knight Cogman with a shiny silver paintjob, and a new figure of Shatter from the upcoming Bumblebee film, sporting her muscle car alternate mode.

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