MCM Comic Con London Studio Series wrap-up!

It’s an interesting year for the Transformers film franchise, what with the main series seeming to be in a holding pattern and the upcoming Bumblebee movie taking things in a new and exciting direction. At the same time, Hasbro and Takara have put forward a true love letter of a toyline celebrating the Movieverse’s first decade, and it’s only getting bigger if this past weekend’s MCM Con London is any indication. Now, with official Hasbro renders for the upcoming screen-born figures, we can take a breath and contemplate how our wallets will meet their demise in 2019.
First came the reveals of Stusio Series’ Wave 1 for 2019. Leading (of course) is Transformers (2007) Optimus Prime, a Voyager class figure who can combine with a new Leader class ROTF Jetfire. Not to be outdone, the 2007 movie Bonecrusher (who must have hated the decade-long wait) returns to movie-based toy life as he gets the Studio Series treatment, with a new Voyager figure of his own!

An Instagram post shared by user primevsprime also showed an extra little surprise. While not revealed officially with renders like the rest, a Leader class Megatron based on his Mad Max-style junker truck from 2011’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon seems to be forthcoming as well.

The next set of reveals brought a mix of the old, the new, and the never-before-seen. First, Cogman, a popular character from 2017’s Transformers: The Last Knight gets redone with a new, clean silver finish. From the near future of the franchise comes Shatter, one of the Decepticons from this year’s Bumblebee movie, gets her Studio Series debut with a Deluxe based on her 1971 Plymouth GTX altmode.

Then, a set of ROTF Constructicons crash the Studio Series scene, bringing with them a new ‘con who’s never gotten a toy before. Constructicon Long Haul gets a Voyager class figure, while Rampage gets a Deluxe class figure that captures his jackhammer-assault robot mode. Finally, it’s Constructicon Scrap Metal’s first time in the line — any toyline — as this onscreen-only Constructicon bears out the promise of Studio Series’ potential for giving life to the corners of the Movieverse.

This wasn’t all, though. Throughout the weekend, in the background, there were rumblings of something BIG — reinforced by the slew of construction ‘cons in the last set of reveals — and soon it became clear that Studio Series would be taken to another level. Because on the last day, the Hasbro panel revealed that these Constructicons wouldn’t be the usual standalone figures we know Studio Series for, but would in fact combine into the Constructicon behemoth, Devastator! These photos from Twitter user Rotorstorm show us the initial prototype and his overall scale in hand.  

The Allspark’s informant on the ground, Pitiful Existence, was on hand to fill us in on details from the panel — that final concept art was used as bases for Constructicons who didn’t transform onscreen, and that Devastator would be lacking two (ahem) infamous items from the movie.
While it faces some serious competition for fan cash from War for Cybertron: Siege and Transformers BotBots, Transformers Studio Series continues to grow and pull in characters from the film franchise’s ten-year-plus run. Having kicked off with such strong figures from varied key moments in the franchise’s history, and with a slew of figures from this year’s Bumblebee movie to follow, and with these big, bad additions for 2019, this line shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.
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