MCM Comic Con London Panel – Devastator, BotBots, and More!

Thanks to our informant on the ground, Pitiful Existence from Discord, we have photos and all the details from today’s Transformers panel at MCM Comic Con London! The panel included big reveals for Studio Series Devastator and the BotBots lineup.

Studio Series wave 2 Deluxes include Shatter from the upcoming Bumblebee movie, a newly shiny Cogman from The Last Knight, and Scrap Metal from Revenge of the Fallen. Wave 2 and 3 Voyagers are Rampage and Long Haul from Revenge of the Fallen. (All panel photos are from Pitiful Existence.)

While it only offers one of the new Studio Series reveals in the form of the muscle car villain Shatter, the Bumblebee movie was apparently a centerpiece of the panel with a new trailer (though no new footage) and a spot from John Cena promoting the toys, possibly in connection to a new “Join the Buzz” marketing campaign.
But getting back to the Constructicons, what are they without the mighty Devastator?

This time, Devastator is the combined form of the individually sold Constructicons – the movie-universe Constructicon team’s first time outside of the Legion scale. Pitiful Existence relates that the final concept art was used for any Constructicons who didn’t transform in the movie, which also might explain the presence of Rampage and Scrapmetal in place of the film Devastator’s similar but distinct bulldozer and second excavator. (In another slight adjustment from the film rendition that may disappoint some hardcore fans, Pitiful Existence confirms that the combined figure does not include the film-accurate swinging wrecking balls.)
The last major set of reveals involved the new BotBots lineup.

Botbots, Pitiful Existence explains, is what happened when energon struck a shopping mall and brought its contents to life. Objects from various sections of the mall formed factions, called “tribes”, resulting in the themed team sets.
There’s no new information on War for Cybertron: Siege, though the recently revealed video featuring Barricade was shown. The team seemed excited about the line as a revamp of Generation 1 for a new audience (much as prior Generations lines have represented.)
The panel also included a Q&A session. Interesting items included whether there would be more LGBT characters in Transformers (yes) and whether we could ever see an Animated Season 4 now that Hasbro is working with Cartoon Network again (anything is possible).
Thanks again to Pitiful Existence for all the photos and information. Join the Studio Series or BotBots discussion threads at the Allspark Forums to share your thoughts and watch for the next reveal, or get realtime in our Discord server or our Facebook Group.