Hasbro announces first Fortnite NERF Blaster

Hasbro and Epic Games have announced the first in their line of Fortnite tie-in NERF dart guns, the rapid-fire AR-L Blaster!
The AR-L is heavily based on the popular “Epic” Assault Rifles featured in Fortnite‘s “Battle Royale” mode, complete with sculpted-on scratches and weathering – albeit in distinctive NERF yellow and orange, rather than the realistic grey and tan of the in-game weapon.

While the colors are, of course, a concession to Hasbro’s ever-cautious legal team and lack of willingness to release “realistic” weapons, the AR-L Blaster remains a curiosity, as the Fortnite Assault Rifle is essentially a slightly “cartoonified” version of the real world FN SCAR Belgian rifle. It’s probably the most realistic a NERF weapon has ever been, which is certainly an odd contrast with the Transformers side of the business, where Hasbro have been swapping out even the most abstract gun modes for “submarines” and “spaceships”.
This is only the latest in Epic Games’ partnership with Hasbro, who have already released a Fortnite-branded version of Monopoly.
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