Ghostbusters, MIB Team Up in IDW Board Game

Who you gonna call to protect the Earth from the scum of the universe? IDW Games has announced the Fall 2019 release of “a crossover miniatures board game featuring both Men In Black and Ghostbusters”.

Titled “Ecto-terrestrial Invasion“, the game is planned as the first in a series of products for both properties. The divisively adorable and adorably divisive character designs are by Derek Laufman (Boom’s excellent Ruinworld), with miniatures by Ninja Division (Super Dungeon Explore, Warhammer: Doomseeker).

Could this mean IDW may be bringing us new MIB comic books in the future? Only alien time-ghosts will tell! Grab your Noisy Cricket and your PKE Meter, and join the conversation in our forums, Discord server and/or Facebook group!